Karmalicity Is "Karmic Publicity"

Don't Go It Alone!

With more than 6,000 Members, Karmalicity is a community designed to help Film Industry Professionals help each other succeed. Karmic Publicity means each member gets back what they put in for others, and in the end everyone benefits.

Whether you're trying to get more publicity and activity on your IMDb Page, your Facebook Artist Page, your Twitter Page or your YouTube Channel, Karmalicity can help you build your audience. Not only that, but the Message Boards, News Feed and other Community Features all work together to make Karmalicity one of the most supportive, encouraging places online for any Film Industry Professional.

What Members Say

"It's great having support from others in the entertainment business who are looking to get their talent recognized. Karmalicity helps it's participants increase the number of visits to their IMDb, reach people they would otherwise never have an opportunity to connect with and see what they are accomplishing in their careers! - Lisa Chase (Maxwell's Mom)"
Maxwell Chase
Maxwell on IMDb
"Karmalicity helps me to work on my publicity in a very focused manner. Other aspects of marketing are made easier as a result. Increasing visibility and reach-ability are integral parts to successfully marketing an entertainment career and Karmalicity provides a pinpoint way to do just that. I love that there are other entertainers out there who are open to show support for other entertainers. Karmalicity shows that there is indeed honor among thieves... so to speak... It is nice to know that I am part of a community where we as actors or filmmakers or entertainers look after each other. I have always known that acting is a team sport. Karmalicity proves it!!!"
JMichael Briggs
J Michael Briggs - IMDB